Continuous Research & Innovation

development and researchOur Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing, R&D technologists are continuously developing a wide range of innovative products and processes to delight our customers. Our strategy is to continuously improve and explore new ideas and concepts through yarn, wet finishing and performing garments.  We have achieved expertise in many fields namely:

development and research floreal knitwear

  • We are machine Washable and TEC champions.

Floreal acquired a wide knowledge in the application of machine washable and total easy care in 100% wool and wool blends. The principle of this process is to treat the garment to perform many domestic machine wash while keeping its appearance and performance.

  • Garment dyeing: Vintage on wool and woollen products.

This unique attractive feature is achieved on wool product which gives a casual / outdoor attractive garment. Unlike the classic pigment process, the dye is fixed onto the garment. It gives a faded look through a dye combination process which controls the intake and speed of the dyeing process on wool. This allows a good colour fastness of the final product.

  • Tropical / Denim dyes for exciting products across a wide range of colours.

Continuously developing its dyeing techniques we have developed a unique washable effect called "Denim dye" which gives a "Unique Jeanswear" effect. It's a stronger session than the Tropical dyeing with a higher wash down effect

  • Performing Textile -  Moisture control, water repellent, Antipill.

Amongst numerous applications that Floreal use on finished garments, it proposes latest techniques like "Moisture control" on finer merinos products. This gives the garment additional absorbing characteristics (hydrophobic) which enables the moisture to transfer the temperature and control it.